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The roots of Beau Marché are deeply inspired by the pioneering spirit and innovation of Le Bon Marché in Paris. Founded in 1838 by the Videau brothers as a novelty store, Le Bon Marché revolutionized retailing with the introduction of fixed prices, a diverse range of products and a customer-centric approach to service. Entrepreneur Aristide Boucicaut transformed it into a retail powerhouse, expanding its offerings and implementing policies that would set the standard for modern shopping experiences.

Building on this rich history, Beau Marché was designed with a similar ambition: to redefine the local market by adopting the principles of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our creation was a tribute to Le Bon Marché's visionary approach, aiming to infuse the local food and culinary market with a sense of discovery, excellence and community spirit. We strive to create a space where the joys of quality food and the warmth of community meet, continuing the legacy of retail innovation and dedication to customer experience that Le Bon Marché has pioneered more than a century ago.

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Our mission at Beau Marché is to redefine the way our community purchases food. We are committed to offering a selection of quality, local produce that not only tastes delicious, but also contributes to a healthier planet. Our goal is to provide a personalized and innovative shopping experience, supported by knowledgeable staff who share our passion for food excellence. Through our efforts, we strive to reweave the vital connection between consumers and producers, championing local farmers, artisans and culinary talents.

Le Concept - Mission
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Our partners

Beau Marché collabore fièrement avec une constellation de producteurs, artisans et maîtres culinaires locaux. Des fermes fertiles du Québec aux cuisines innovantes des meilleurs chefs de Montréal, nos partenaires représentent le meilleur en matière de qualité et de durabilité. Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec des producteurs comme Pain dans les Voiles pour nos besoins en boulangerie, le torréfacteur Rico pour des cafés d'exception et des petits brasseurs pour des bières québécoises uniques. Chaque partenaire est soigneusement choisi pour son engagement envers l'excellence et ses pratiques durables.


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Charles Bougouin

Manager of the Beau Marché

Charles has been working in food products for 10 years. Above all, he likes simple, real and locally produced products. But above all he likes to share, organize a good meal with friends or talk about everything and nothing with a stranger he meets. Its niche is social connection!

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